PDecals is a 3M Certified Company

Being a 3M Certified Company means our installers have completed an intensive program qualifying them to work with 3M's high-quality vinyl, which is used in all of our designs. This material has a 5-to-7 year warranty and generally lasts through the lifetime of any police fleet vehicle. Its warranty includes protection against cracking, peeling and fading colors.

3M certification allows PDecals to offer on-site installation for any 3M product as well as create graphics and send them all over the country to any of the 70 other 3M Certified companies for installation. (Refer to USAG.org for other installation locations.)

An installation by PDecals guarantees a full warranty for any specified 3M product. 3M will not honor a warranty if their product is installed improperly or by a company they have not certified.

Don't want to take our word for it? Ask an agency that went to one of our competitors how important the 3M name is.