About Us:  PDecals, a subdivision of VSP Marketing

Where do we begin?

PDecals makes it clear to our clients right from the initial contact with one of our Fleet Graphic Account Representatives that we do business differently.

Many of our clients come to PDecals with ideas or aspirations for a design or fleet look. Even though PDecals works with over 750 agencies nationwide, our team embraces creativity and identity, designing for each agency a custom identity for their specific emergency fleet in consideration of demographic location, agency colors, font styles, and badge/patch design.

Once our design proposal is accepted, we get to work creating all of the graphics in-house. Each product has a minimum 5-year warranty, ensuring your newly designed fleet will look sharp for years to come.

From the time the design is created to when graphics are being applied to a fleet vehicle takes our team on average five business days. If your order is being shipped to you, PDecals allows use of any National 3M installer or we will provide an online instruction sheet to help walk you through the easy process.

At PDecals, our clients are always the number one priority! If more than 750 agencies have trusted us with their fleets, why wouldn't you?

Service & Products

  • Over 78 Years of Combined Graphic Design Experience, In-House
  • Over 435,000 Square Feet of Graphic Prints Produced Per Year
  • Over 1,500 Police Kits and Fire Apparatus Units Per Year
  • Trusted By Over 750 Agencies Nationwide
  • Focus on Regional and National Services
  • National 3M Certified Graphic/Installation Company, Member 2006-Present
  • MACTAC Certified Installation Company
  • UASG Applications Certified