Badges, Patches & Emblems

If your agency or department does not have any digital imaging of a seal, logo, emblem, patch or badge, the PDecals creative team is capable of digitizing it and creating a graphic, for your own use. If we are designing a custom identity for your fleet, ask us about this service!

Over 200 national agencies have used PDecals as a creative resource for identification design. Many agencies want to update or create a new patch, seal or badge and PDecals specializes in creating custom identities specific to an agency based on their demographic location and colors.

Once your image is created, for a minimal fee the design is then transferred and sent to your agency or department in many file formats, allowing you to utilize your seal, patch or badge in a variety of places.

Want to see examples of designs PDecals has created for other agencies using their existing badge, patch or emblem? View our photo gallery!